Brief History

Established in 1972, Ark has a long history of enabling clients avoid, control, mitigate and transfer risks. The firm is fully licensed by the National Insurance Commission and a member of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers. Our business has a vast number of competitive advantages, among them are our human capital, deep client relationship, Insuretech investment, and market leading products.
As the only Nigerian broker accepted as a member of the Worldwide Brokers Network, which is the largest network of independent brokers in the world; Ark offers the benefits of the local market expertise, combined with global insurance knowledge. In addition, we employ over 75 professional, manage over USD150m premium annually, and deploys Nigeria’s only broker platform for customers.

Our company has its headquarters in Lagos (Nigeria) with 3 branch offices in Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Accra (Ghana). Across geographies, industries and specialisms, ARK provides its local and multinational clients with intellectual resilience against risk.

46 Years of Experience

Ark has transitioned from an insurance brokerage firm that was established in 1972, partnered with Stewart Wrightson in 1975, to a global professional services organisation specializing in risk advisory, insurance and reinsurance.

Leadership Team

Lisa Mokovic

Lisa Mokovic

Health Coach

Jason Moran

Jason Moran

Yoga Trainer

Kiana Chapman

Kiana Chapman

Yoga Trainer

 Enabling Client Success

We provide creative solutions that help our clients Protect and Conserve their Wealth

Business Operations: What we do?

  • General business (Non-Life)
  • Employee Benefits (Life)
  • Complex risks
Risk Management
  • Reinsurance facilities
  • Risk Analytics
  • Retail platform (
  • Corporate platform (
Over the years, Ark has been able to develop a wide range of insurance programs which provide protection to various types of clients – from single individuals to multinationals. We are licenced by the regulator to provide the full suite of insurance products and services for the benefit of our clients.

Benefits of  Working with ARK

We are commited to the highest level of service

Expertise, Professionalism and Competence
We are experts at risk assessment and as a licensed professional, we bring our experience and judgment to enable you make the best-informed decisions
Competitive Pricing
We negotiate prices on your behalf and have a strong knowledge of the most competitive prices obtainable in the market.

We use our negotiation power to make sure prices are better than those available direct.

Product Design
All our products are tailor-made solutions to ensure that they achieve your organisational objects and are right for you.
Insurers Recommendation
Market knowledge is vital. We analyse insurers to ensure they have the financial backbone to protect your business.
Claims Assistance
If you have the misfortune of a loss, our claims team will assist you through the process, helping to ensure a swift and fair settlement and get you back to where you were before disaster struck.
International Network and Solutions Capability
As the only Nigerian broker, accepted as a member of the Worldwide Brokers Network, which is the largest fully integrated network of brokers in the world; Ark offers the benefits of local market expertise combined with global best practice.


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Corporate Head Office: 25, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria (7,729.86 km)
101241 Lagos, Nigeria